Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mary & Hey Rita Tote

We got off the bus and a butler opened the door for us at the Geneseo Historial Museum. This house was a major stop on the underground railroad...

There was running water -- but BARELY...(be grateful this holiday season for your DISHWASHER!) Imagine cooking in this kitchen...cleanup would have been a nightmare...

Mary is standing in front of the quilt made-out-of-fair-ribbons...

Our afternoon mansions were MUCH MORE ELABORATE -- the Deere-Weiman house and the Butterworth center. Both former residences of the wealthy John Deere family. This picture was taken in one of their expansive dining rooms.

That evening, we went to my sister Deena's house to see the TWO THANKSGIVING BABIES, and we wrote out some baby shower invitations, made homemade baby-wipes, and a batch of those marshmallow/caramel/rice crispie treats.... In this picture, Deena, Rita, Mary, my niece Amy, and her mother, my other sister, Ronda.
The Hey Rita Tote was exhausted!

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