Saturday, December 5, 2009


Although I am actually IN NEW YORK CITY today -- I've prepared some posts to go up on this blog. (as I always do). This post is about my visit last month to International Quilt Market...
For me -- Quilt Market started at the Moline airport -- where I saw this woman (carrying some fabulous fabric totebags!). In Memphis, she went to the Houston gate and pulled a beautiful quilt out of one of her totebags. Of course, I'm always so curious -- I asked if she would share the story of her quilt...

Her name is Deb -- and she lives in Iowa but works for Michael Miller Fabrics (in New York). She used to be a fabric rep -- but that's a lot of travel -- so now she mostly sews samples for the company. And, obviously, she works in their booth during trade shows. The story of Michael Miller Fabrics is on their website. Kathy Miller and Michael Steiner started the company ten years ago -- and Deb is making the quilt as a gift for their 10th anniversary.

I took this picture of the red polka dot wrapped push carts on the first set-up day -- long before I knew they were connected to Michael Miller.

The vendors at Quilt Market & Festival go ALL OUT. There is a big judging -- with all kinds of categories. Y'know -- "best single booth", "best first time vendor", etc. The Michael Miller booth is a real stand out with a very distinctive theme. It was a CAMP MICHAEL MILLER -- and, WOULD YOU BELIEVE they had a little mini-camper right in the middle of their booth? There were trees, and roads, with signs...just like any national park.....At the end of the day, the Michael Miller Fabric booth won a very big award at the Quilt Market -- MOST CREATIVE BOOTH...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST TEN YEARS MICHAEL MILLER!! I love, love, love your fabric. You can't buy it at the big chain stores -- it is only sold to independent quilt/fabric shops -- so you have to look for it at places like Pacific Fabrics!!

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