Sunday, December 6, 2009


My great-niece, Avery, one year old -- reintroduced our family to sock monkeys. The good old-fashioned sock monkey is HER COMFORT THING. (see my November 13 & 16 posts -- she is cute as a button!).

During her Thanksgiving visit, our Lillian made it clear that her "comfort thing" was a Curious George stuffed toy. Humm...another monkey??

So, I decided with ALL THE BABIES COMING to bless nieces and nephews on both sides of our family -- I WANT TO MAKE SOCK MONEY DOLLS...

The last time I made one, I was maybe 12 years old, and all the sewing was done by hand. I AM SO EXCITED THEY'RE MAKING A COMEBACK!

I rushed into town to purchase the famous "Made-In-The-USA Rockford Red-Heeled socks". I started at Target. No luck. Then I went to Walmart....nope. Okay -- across town to K-Mart. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

As I'm standing in K-Mart, ready to scream, "I NEED SOCK MONKEYS!!" I turn a corner -- and there they were. Not the socks I was looking for -- but the already-made-in-China-Sock monkey-dolls. For only $8.99, they have traditional brown dolls, fancy colorful stripes...I could NOT resist. Hey -- I have two newborn babies in need of sock would be okay to buy them already made up -- just this once -- wouldn't it??

Hey, they're pretty cute. And just the right size for a baby to grab on to. But don't worry! I'M STILL GOING TO SEW SOME SOCK MONKEY DOLLS! I came home and found the Rockford socks online -- at the Sock Company. Two pair of socks (which will make you TWO dolls) is on sale for $8.50.

They also have a blue heather sock as well as the brown heather. AND I'm also getting a special little book full of ideas for only $4.95. If you'd like to phone them instead -- their toll free number is: 888-472-5678.

I'll post pictures of my very own, I'm sure far-superior, lovingly hand-made, with LOTS OF personality -- sock monkey dolls...Hopefully sometime between now and Christmas...


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