Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sock Monkey Mania

There has been an invasion of sock monkeys! In New York City, I saw sock monkey bath towels, sock monkey hats, sock monkey coats -- they were everywhere. The Rockford socks I ordered from the internet recently arrived...

I received this email from Linda-- and if you live near Puyallup -- you can BUY THEM..

Hi Rita...I just finished my sock monkey a few minutes ago! One of 5 I promised a friend ( I must be nuts ) for Christmas presents :-/ Went to check your blog and there they were! What a pain they are to make....but so worth it when they are done. Will have to check the stores for the already made ones...I remember seeing them once before. I found my Rockford Socks at Big R, a farm and western store near us! Love your blog and will see you in Puyallop next year! I live in a small town in eastern WA and have been coming to Sew Expo with a sewing buddy for 18 years! She lives 30 miles away in another town so its our annual getaway together (: Thanks for being out there.....Linda in Othello

Of course -- I ASKED HER TO SEND PICTURES....and, sure enough -- she did!!

THANKS, Linda!! I really am inspired now!! I am determined to make one for Lillian for Christmas!! Really -- the homemade ones are ten times better than the china-imports. For one thing, the fabric used for the Rockford socks is 92% cotton...and you KNOW what you're stuffing them with, y'know?

I'm gonna do it!! I'll keep you posted. THANKS for the inspiration!!

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  1. Rita, I had to laugh, as my Mother also made those dolls long ago! I didn't know the socks were a local Iowa product for us.

    I remember toasting our hands and feet by the wood stove after being in the snow! I'll bet my brothers wear those warm socks, as the men know a good thing and need the best staying warm on the farm.

    They are getting cute and fancy with all the new clothes! Would you believe, I've seen some of the men wearing billed hats in colorful fabrics and there are even jeans lined with red plaid flannels for warmth.