Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stretch Velvet gloves

One of the BEST things about New York City at this time of year are the wonderful artisan craft shows. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, they're all over the city. At Grand Central Station -- isn't this amazing public space??

Also, at Bryant Park and up at Columbus Circle. My sister Deb and her entire crew (including me) did a lot of shopping -- all over the city.

My FAVORITE treasure is a new pair of stretch velvet gloves. DO YOU BELIEVE IT?? I love the fact that each glove is unique and there is no attempt to "matchy-matchy" the fabulous abstract pattern of the stretch velvet fabric. This is the fourth pair of gloves I've purchased from this glove designer. And every time I wear them, I get soo many compliments. Gorgeous.

If I could find the fabric -- I believe Simplicity has a pattern. Don't they? Now I have to go check it out. This blogging is a lot of work, people...

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