Monday, December 28, 2009

Rita's Sew Fun TEAM

Sewing has brought many wonderful things into my life. It's more than a hobby, isn't it? It provides me with common ground -- and a shared passion that connects me with some really, really wonderful sewing sisters.

Whenever Mary visits Iowa -- we have a reunion of the "Rita's Sew Fun" crew. In my former life, I was a sewing machine dealer and Rita's Sew Fun was the name of my store. I LOVE THESE WOMEN. Here's a picture of Mary with Judy Irwin -- they're talking about "Sew Green", I think...

Phyllis Krogman brought a sewing show-and-tell. She's making Christmas centerpieces for all her kids...Phyllis is mostly a fabulous GARMENT seamstress -- and as it turns out -- she is NOT that excited about shopping for quilt fabrics. Hey -- I thought that was the BEST Part??

I brought along a bag of fur collars -- I've been collecting them, thinking they might have a kernel of a "Ya Ya' idea --

My sister Ronda brought along her grand-daughter, Memphis. Doesn't she look excited to be wearing a fur? She'd make a great PETA commercial, eh...(YES, THAT WAS A JOKE)..

Here we are, after our lovely breakfast -- starting with Mary Mulari in the center back, then me, my sister Ronda in front of me, then Phyllis and Judy standing on Mary's other side.

I am telling you -- IT'S NOT EASY for five busy women to get together two weeks before Christmas. But it is soooo worth it. We talked, we laughed, we shared. There are NO BETTER FRIENDS in the world than women who sew. I am a very lucky woman....

Memphis was as good as gold during our long breakfast. But she is not one of those silly-smile-for-no-good-reason-goofball-babies. This is as close to a smile as she came all day long -- Judy's gift to me -- a zebra striped check book cover -- ALMOST DID IT!!

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