Thursday, December 17, 2009


Of all the gifts I received last year -- well, not counting the Hey Rita tote -- the luggage tags from Ann Sagawa have been USED THE MOST. As you know, I tied one of the tags on my camera which has saved me from losing it at least A HUNDRED TIMES. Here's a closeup of one of the tags on my carry-on suitcase.

Ann is a genius. Using a cotton print (maybe you could check out your stash?) -- you want a finished tag that is 24" long and 2" wide. When it's ALL DONE -- you simply topstitch three sides of a piece of clear plastic to one end (big enough for a business card).

THEN, if you're really on the ball -- you can print out some "cards" with the name and phone number of the gift recipient. (see pic below -- Ann gave me extras) Or, they could simply insert their business card...

Really. These nifty tags are good for a dozen different things. They can be tied onto cameras, luggage, bowling bags, umbrellas, etc. For new Moms -- there are a dozen different uses -- diaper bags, umbrella strollers, car seats. For college kids -- they need tags on their laundry bags, toiletry buckets or book bags, laptop computer cords, etc.

I LOVE 'EM..!!

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