Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We arrived in New York City on Thursday, December 3, 2009. This trip was all about my sister Deborah taking her "girls" to New York. Her daughters, Glennda & Emily, her daughter-in-law Stacy, and her two granddaughters, Lexi and Allie. So we are an enthusiastic group of seven. However, on our first full day in the city -- FRIDAY, December 4, 2009 -- NONE OF THEM want to get up early to go to the TODAY SHOW.
My alarm went off at 6:00 (that's 5:00 CST). I realized Deb was already up. Emily was sleeping on the rollaway bed in our room. Deb & I both quietly got ready, walking around Emily and each other in the dark room as we got dressed, took turns in the bathroom brushing our teeth, and combing our hair. Silently, we got completely dressed, put on our coats, shoes, even a bit of lipstick -- and I picked up the Hey Rita tote as we walked out of the room together. We did all that without turning on a light or saying a single word. We went down the hall and turned the corner to walk to the elevator, Deb pushed the button, and for the first time, we both spoke. At the same moment, we both said, "Good Morning".

Rockefeller Center had just LIT THE TREE on Wednesday night. And, as we feared, on this Friday morning, the crowd was immense. We couldn't get close to the fenced area...

We decided to get a cup of coffee at Dean & Deluca...where we met two charming women from Louisiana. They had been in the city for several days -- and, apparently, on WEDNESDAY -- they walked right up to the fenced area at 7:00 AM...!! So there's my travel tip -- GO ON A WEEKDAY. Friday's are usually concerts -- the city is full of tourists -- DUH!!

Leaving Deb at Dean & Deluca -- I managed to wind my way up to the fence -- and gave the Hey Rita tote to a woman who had a really good spot. She was kind enough to hold the bag over the fence while I went back to drink coffee and enjoy a maybe you DID see HEY RITA -- but you didn't see me!! Bummer...

Mostly -- we sat on a comfy stool inside Dean & Deluca -- making friends with the girls from Louisiana!! I HOPE THEY ARE READING THIS BLOG...because meeting them was SO MUCH FUN!! They sat in this primo spot -- waving to the "tourists" and greeting the huddled've just gotta love a coupla women with such great ATTITUDES...

Oh, yeah, Deborah -- WHAT A GREAT TIME!! Thanks for inviting me!!

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