Sunday, October 25, 2009

Young Sewing Star Fan Mail

Dear Readers,

Just when I was feeling like I could use a little "blogging encourgement" -- I posted the pictures of my young sewing enthusiast. The pictures were such a hit -- I received several emails.

This email from my dynamic duo, Jan & Bonne:
Rita! The outfit by the 12 year old is absolutely gorgeous!!! And the coat? My gosh, is she a 12 year old with a design IQ of a 25 year old? She should be sure to find out about entering the wool garments in the Sew for Wool contest sponsored by the 4-H I think - not sure of the name but check it out online. Just think, 6 more years and she could apply for Project Runway and then we'd REALLY have something to watch!! Just fabulous sewing, thats for sure!! Congratulations on a lovey job well done! jan and bonne " inspired2sew"

Then, from my young-Star Wars Mother-of-twins:
Good Morning Rita,

Another fun tidbit for the day…. Sarah was working on one of her projects. She has access to a pile of “snippets” and a basket of ribbons…. So, she came to me and told me, “I need some fray check.” She must listen to some things I tell her. Maybe one day she will be showing me up – just like that 12 year old on your blog. My goodness her sewing is beautiful! I’ve got a winter white wool winter coat for Sarah in the back of my mind – recycled from a special suit that Grandma Jahnke passed down. Now I’m inspired!

Have a great day. It looks like a beautiful crisp fall day. Jim and Sam are out scouting for food, I’ve got plans for an apple pie. I’ll finish up the vampire dress while it bakes. I should put on my pearls for my perfect June Cleaver day. J

Yesterday, I sent my young sewing star this note:

Today I finally posted the fabulous pictures of your sewing projects...thanks again for sending me the wonderful photographs. Our Expo readers always enjoy seeing what the younger set is working on. And your projects are exceptional. Thanks for allowing me to share them. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU at the show!! Best,Rita
P.S. it's been so long, you may have forgotten the blog address: it's

This morning -- I received this delightful email:

Rita, That is so funny, that we would have forgotten the blog address. It is bookmarked and we check it every day. Thanks for putting my daughter on. It gave me goose bumps and definitely made her day. We found out yesterday that we do get to go to expo. Would really love to meet you.
(Mom & talented sewer)

ISN'T THIS FUN?? SINCE THEY READ EVERY DAY -- I've been trying to think about what kind of thank-you-message I could send out. ON THE BLOG. SO -- HEY -- I'm not only going to meet you both at Expo -- we're going to have lunch. My treat. AND -- I can make sure you get to meet any sewing star at the show. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. How's that? So -- carefully read the brochure when it comes out (December -- I'll keep you posted) -- and then I'll HOOK YOU UP.!! This will be sooo much fun for me! Again -- thanks for sharing -- ane keep up the good work!

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