Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween for Twins!

My young-mom-friend, Anne was making Halloween costumes for her twins -- so I asked for PICTURES...

Hi Rita,

Of course I'll send pictures. As a matter of fact - here is last year. Luke and Leia from Star Wars. (You may remember that Luke and Leia turned out to be twins - just like Sam and Sarah.)

The Leia dress came from an unfinished angel costume that had been sitting around for years. Sam's Luke robe was recycled from some blinds that had been in our bedroom. I love using window treatments to stitch clothes for kids. I always feel like a cross between Scarlet and Maria.

I was thinking of you yesterday. Do you remember the light up globe you sent home with Sam years ago? It's of course a fixture in his room, but yesterday we got to take it to our 4-H meeting. We had a day of Japan and of course we needed to know where Japan is.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day. Sam and Jim are out hanging grocery bags on doors - scouting for food. Sarah has a friend over and they are in their own imaginary world.

Back to sewing - I know I've got some black velvet scraps somewhere.... time to dig.

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Anne -- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I'm anxious to see what Sarah and Sam will be for Halloween this year. You are the mother I wish I had been, babe...


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