Sunday, October 18, 2009

R&R in Galveston

Rhonda and I ALMOST had one whole day "off" last week in Houston. It is the day between Quilt "Market" and Quilt "Festival". Actually, it wasn't a whole day -- but we couldn't get back into the convention hall until 4:00 in the afternoon -- so we can go out for lunch, right? To make the most of our little "time out of the convention center" -- we decided to drive to Galveston for lunch. A 50 mile drive meant getting an EARLY START.

Although it was a quick trip -- Rhonda & I made the most of our time at the beach...

The little silver dish is a finger bowl -- with fresh mint leaves floating...Oh, yes, just like home!!

Rhonda is so conscientious -- she was the first one back in the Convention Center, setting up the booth for the Quilt Festival (please note -- I did go over there to take this picture...)

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