Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BEST Office EVER!!

If you are a regular reader of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine -- you are familiar with Katherine Artinnes. She is one of the most creative sewer/embroiderers I have ever met!! I believe this month's issue of DIME has a cover shot of a pillow Kate designed. Even though I KNEW how creative she was -- her office at Millcreek Sewing in Erie, Pennsylvania just blew me away...yes, that's a zebra plate AND a pink flamingo tassel...

And my HEY RITA bag fits right into the decor, don't you think? GREAT IDEA to make a custom chair cover for the BACK of an ordinary office chair, Kate...DUH!!

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the texturizing techniques on this stool. The vignette is completely awesome...and I've saved the best picture for last...

Yes, that's me in the mirror. Taking a picture. Of ME!! Life just doesn't get any better than this, does it??


  1. That purse of yours is starting to remind me of that travelling gnome from Travelocity! Great office!

  2. That's definitely a cool space--love the chair cover idea! If only I could sew. ;)

  3. Shaundra -- Every time I work on this blog, I think about you. And sooner or later -- YOU'RE GONNA TAKE UP SEWING, BABE!! THAT MOMENT is what I live for...best, rita

  4. Look at how terrific you look in your photo! You are getting so slim!

    Keep up the great work, and believe me, it is work!!!!!