Thursday, October 8, 2009

BAD Bosses -- Jeff Lewis

If you EVER thought you had a crappy boss -- you should watch "Flipping Out" on BRAVO. Jeff Lewis is completely persnickety about everything. And he will pitch a gigantic fit over the smallest detail -- like maybe somebody only got two packets of sour cream instead of three for his taco lunch. And he is capable of beating a dead horse for days on end...

It's one of those shows I cannot stop watching. It's like a train see it coming, but are powerless to stop it...and, well, of course, the reason we HAVE reality television is because you really don't want to stop it...

Last week, Jeff met his match. A client who spent hours picking up tie wraps and bits of electrical tape left on his estate by Jeff's messy electrical subcontractor.

As much as I loved that guy -- Zoila, Jeff's maid, took the cake. Jeff was pitching a fit because there was dust on the bracket of the flat screen television in his bedroom...and Zoila said, in her heavy accent (often, they need subtitles for her) "I know it's dirty. I'll clean it. Shut up, Jeff."

Since they're all getting into the "merchandising" aspect of things nowadays -- BRAVO should sell t-shirts with Zoila's picture on the front and the words, "Shut Up, Jeff" embroidered underneath her face.

It's such a great metaphor for life...

HEY -- speaking of "reality television" -- don't forget to watch Project Runway tonight. On Lifetime.

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