Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Runway -- Week 11 Recap (Part #2)

And, the three outfits the judges did NOT like:
Gordana made a gray jacket with a stand up collar with pin-tucks along the sides, and in the back of the jacket. And, a completely forgettable black skirt. Heidi called it old, drab, sad. Kelly said it feels passive, Nina said, between the collar and the darts, it makes the look a little dated..Nick said it looked like an office worker in Warsaw Poland…(you could have a future as a judge, Nick...)

Christopher stuck with his vision. It looked like a big flower garland wrapped around the front and swarming up the back. Once Nina said something negative – the judges all agreed with her and started down that slippery slope – at the end, Heidi said it looked like a bedskirt.

Logan sent down a short black dress with zipper collar and netting outside the skirt. Nina said it looks like a fashion project from a student. Nick called it 80’s, Kelly said it’s futuristic, which is distracting.

So, there’s ten minutes left in the show and I’m thinking…SEND LOGAN HOME…and give Althea the win – YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT – YOU CANNOT LET IRINA WIN TWO WEEKS IN A ROW…THAT WOULD BE HER FOURTH WIN. EVEN THOUGH SHE DESERVES IT. I’m just not that big a person. DON’T DO IT…I WILL BOYCOTT…SERIOUSLY…. I want Althea to get the win. Even though I hated her pants and thought the sweater was a pale imitation of Irina’s original design…

In the end, that’s exactly what happened. But the drama was a discussion on the runway about who thought of a big oversized sweater first. HEIDI – WERE YOU ASLEEP LAST WEEK?? Of course it was Irina’s idea.

Here’s how the judges scored it. Carol Hannah – “in”. Althea is the winner. (Irina’s eyes nearly rolled out of her head.) Christopher is declared “IN” – and Logan and Gordana are in the bottom two. That’s when I notice Gordana is wearing a mini dress with black tights. You’re killing me, babe…

They AUF LOGAN. As he is packing up his gear in the workroom, he puts his large leather man-purse over his shoulder. I’m shaking my head…he is the poster child for that confusing new-age word, “metrosexual man”. Then I notice his sewing notions are in a fishing tackle box…

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