Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zebra Point of View from a Reader

While I was in Houston, I received this email:
Hey Rita!
I'm enjoying your blogs and had to tell you your timing is perfect!
I live 45 minutes north of Puyallup (so get to do Expo!)....and
yesterday my son and I flew to Cincinnati for a family wedding tomorrow.
Then....we head for Niagara Falls by way of ancestral cemeteries in guessed it...Chatauqua County!! I will route us past the A Hotel
(like I'm going to even try to spell it!!) and picture you there!
On the way back to Cincinnati we're going guessed it again...Erie
County!! And I promise to find Mill Creek Sewing!!
I attended Quilt Camp at Sea (cruise to Alaska)this summer with a group of 7 of us f rom Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, WA. My instructor and friend, Eva Holen, (Handy Heart potholder pattern designer) wore ZEBRA for formal night! Photo attached! (Eva in stripes, I'm in sparkles next to her, with glasses) We're all friends with Lisa Moore,patterns, fabric, teacher) from Sitka, Alaska who was also on the cruise. Eva and Lisa are in Houston, and I believe Lisa has a booth.

Cheers! :o)

Beckie Daniels
Kirkland WA

From my cellphone, I sent this note:

I am so thrilled you emailed me
I can't wait to see your pictures
Thanks so much
Tell millcreek I said hello


Then, Becky sent her trip report:

Hi again,
We drove past Chautauqua but it was closed for the season and couldn't
get near the A. Hotel. :o(
Spent the night in Erie last night but left before Millcreek opened. :o(
Went to the Toledo Zoo this afternoon. Watched the hippos for a long
time. Cold and rainy, and we had the place almost to ourselves. And I
found zebras for you!! :o) See attached photos. The green rolls are
sweatshirts. See them here:,1696.html

:o) Beckie Daniels

WHAT A RIOT!! THANKS FOR PLAYING my zebra-stripes game, Becky!! SEE YOU AT THE SHOW.

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