Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eleanor Burns VIDEO

Welcome to my blog! Many of you received the Expo Insider in your email yesterday -- and maybe you were reminded to visit the "blog". I just posted the video interview with Eleanor Burns over on the show blog.

I had several emails asking about the slide show of the quilts in Houston -- yes, it is a BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. That slide show IS STILL ON this blog -- BUT you need to scroll down and click on "older posts". (Nothing ever really goes away, it just rolls down the many ways, a blog is like a reverse roll of toilet paper...) I posted that slide show on Thursday, October 22 if you want to take a look...

YES, I AM A BLOGGING FOOL. Turns out blogging is like talking -- and I JUST CAN'T SHUT UP. I have sooo many exciting things I want to share with you! To simplify -- I'll post on the Rita Blog every day, and you never know what I might write about. But I'll only post on the show blog on Tuesdays -- and it will be strictly show information.

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