Saturday, October 17, 2009

39th Anniversary!!

John & I got married on october 17, 1970. OH MY GOD. 39 years just doesn't seem possible. I have very few pictures of our early years. For one thing, I spent way too much time HATING the way I looked in pictures. For another thing -- if I did occasionally TAKE a picture -- I almost never remembered to have them 'developed". I consider digital photography one of the best inventions of our modern world...

Happy Anniversary, John!! We have a special day planned -- and I'm glad to be BACK IN IOWA for the are a couple of pictures I took this year. One during our "Wisconsin cheese Tour"....and another during a recent visit to John's submarine reunion in St. Louis...

John's passion is GOLFING, hunting, Penn State football (okay, any sports team from Philadelphia)-- and in the winter, his hobby is baking the perfect loaf of Italian Bread...and -- hey -- babe -- it's getting colder!!

We're due for a few more practice almost have it perfect...

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Rita and John!♥♥♥ What a lovely tribute.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day and may you be blessed with many more years of joy, together!