Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Runway Week #9 RECAP

Finally – a good REASON to move the show to Los Angeles. It's a Bob Mackie challenge! The Sultan of sequins shows off some of his costumes…he is considered the master of over-the-top. If you don’t believe me – let’s remember Cher’s most famous Bob Mackie outfit.

During the mostly-uneventful-first-half-hour of the show – Irina was even more arrogant IF THAT'S POSSIBLE!! She is so smug and nasty I can’t believe the other designers haven’t super-glued her scissor blades or filed down her sewing machine needles. She is always talking smack about everybody else. She said Carol Hannah bought “Halloween fabric”...and she was making fun of Shirin. There was so much Irina bitchiness in this episode, I wonder if maybe it's the editing? Do you think she dissed a producer?

Anyway -- on to the Runway. In alphabetical order, here’s what I thought…

Althea: I’m liking her more every week. I was impressed with her huge feather jacket and the long silver gown was definitely stage-worthy. The fit was awesome, and I loved how she created a striped chevron fabric by using the back of the fabric. HOW DID SHE NOT WIN THIS CHALLENGE?? Althea -- YOU WERE ROBBED.

Carol Hanna: She ended up making a very ordinary strapless long, tight black dress. Although there were feathers – she struggled with the placement and, at the end of the day, she was using hot glue?? Really?? And, seriously -- I'm not an expert on Christina Aguilera -- but how is she supposed to move in that dress? The challenge was to make a show stopping garment for a PERFORMANCE, right? Shouldn't that be a consideration when they pick the winning garment?

Christopher: With Bob Mackie and Christina Aguilera as judges – they ended up calling Christopher’s sparkle hot pants “tacky”? Wow. Who knew that could happen? To review Bob Mackie's tacky-meter, refer to the picture at the top of the blog...I thought Christopher made an interesting jacket – asymmetrical with good detail. But I was REALLY bored by yet another black outfit – and it certainly didn’t have any sizzle.

Gordana: Having immunity simply paralyzed Gordana. And what was with those beads falling off that fabric? She couldn’t tell that WHEN SHE BOUGHT IT? Hey – use a fusible stabilizer on the back – c’mon – GET OFF THE SOFA AND DO SOME PROBLEM SOLVING. That dress could be the worst thing we’ve seen all season…

Irina: After all her trash talking – she ended up with an outfit that would be perfect if Frederick’s of Hollywood was having an ice skating competition. She would do well to remember her own advice for Carol Hannah, “if you’re going to be a mediocre designer, at least have a good personality”…

Logan: I thought he got off to a great start with a shiny zebra print. And, hey –the black fur and chains went with his vision. But, c’mon -- here’s a guy designing a zebra striped outfit for Christina Aguilera with hot pink piping – and nobody thinks he’s gay? Really?

Nicholas: A shimmery white dress with feathers. What a wild and crazy idea. Somebody – quick – bring the no-doze. For HIM – not ME. WAKE UP, NICHOLAS – YOU ALREADY MADE THAT DRESS!! I can't believe the judges didn't gig him for the deja vu design -- but -- OH THAT'S RIGHT -- NONE OF THEM WERE THERE THAT WEEK!!

Shirin: Although she started off with a clear bright red fabric – which would have been a TOTAL STAND OUT on this colorless runway show – she somehow ended up with a boring black dress. Poor little Shirin got lost in the huge bias gores of her shapeless skirt…and I can't help but wonder if her constant, excessive, childish whining contributed to her lack of direction.

Is it just me -- or did every single one of them zone in on fabric that was black, white or shades of gray? Mood Fabrics sells red fabric, right? Turquoise? Cobalt blue? Bright pink? Hundreds of bold prints? I'm just saying...

At the end of the show -- Carol Hannah is declared the winner with her black dress and Shirin and Christopher were the bottom two with their respective black outfits. I believe this is the end for Christopher -- after all, it's his third week of flailing in the bottom. After his early promise -- even I can see it's time to put him out of his misery. Right?

WRONG. I was shocked when they auf'ed Shirin instead.

Go figure...

Orange...don't you think one of them could have purchased orange fabric?? Wouldn't that designer look brilliant by comparison? YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF WUSSES....take a ride on the color wheel, people!! Mood Fabrics probably had racks of yellow or soft pastel's not like it had to be neon green to stand out. ANY COLOR AT ALL would have been memorable. Come to think of it -- "memorable" is what's missing this season. We're NINE episodes into the show and I'm still waiting...

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