Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Gifts To SEW

Me & my sisters all sew. Last year, I think Ronda made 40 blankets for her grandchildren. Debbie, who lives in Nashville, embroiders EVERY SINGLE DAY. She totally WEARS OUT embroidery machines. Seriously -- the woman is obsessed with embroidery.

Deena has ACTUALLY made little mini-birdesmaid dresses for her granddaughters. So, you can imagine that making this polar fleece blanket for her soon-to-be-born grandson was a fun and EASY project for her. You can't quite make it out -- but the baby's name is embroidered on the blanket. The baby's name is Clayton Frederick. (Debbie EMBROIDERS for all of us).

Although Deborah couldn't get here from Tennessee for the baby shower -- she sent a BIG-BAG-O-EMBROIDERED-BABY-STUFF. This is a picture of Brenda sitting on the sofa with Deborah's baby quilt and a big pile of burpees (embroidered cloth diapers). With the baby's name. Or a farm scene (which is what Brenda used in the nursery).

I tried to get a close-up picture. These burpees are soo much fun.

But, it is DEENA'S grandbaby coming -- so she didn't quit with the polar fleece blanket. Nooooooo. There was a whole pile of flannel receiving blankets as well. The kind that are BIG ENOUGH to swaddle the baby. New moms love, love, love these oversized receiving blankets. And it's a GREAT gift to make -- because you CAN'T BUY THEM this size. Really. Receiving blankets in the baby department ready to wear are always 30" square. Completely worthless...

Of course, half the fun is shopping for the fabric! That's when you take into account the interests of the family. For Toby & Brenda -- Deena chose fabric with doggie prints, and farm animal prints. Brenda looks very pleased, don't you think? I'd say little Clayton Frederick is landing in a pretty good place...

Brenda told me I should come by and take pictures of the baby's nursery. Aunt Deborah embroidered the farm scenes, and Deena put together the crib bumper, etc. I'M GONNA DO IT, BRENDA -- so be looking for me!


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