Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project Runway Week 10 Recap

This challenge started off with a trip to Michael Kors Rodeo Drive storefront. He had pictures of several exotic locations for them to choose from – which was supposed to be their “inspiration” for an outfit. In the now-predictable-first half hour of the show – Irina did her usual trash-talking. She said Christopher’s dress looked like “something an Amish woman would wear”. Gheesh... you know how it pains me to agree with anything she says…

Here’s how it went:

Carol Hannah. First to pick – she got Palm Beach. Then she proceeded to channel Uli Herzner from Season 3. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE THE JUDGES didn’t call her on it. She chose an Uli fabric --a flowing print – then made an Uli style – halter top, long full skirt. To complete her clone dress, she even made a braided trim out of the fabric – which was a total signature move for ULI. Hey – I liked the dress, too – but the show is not Project ReRun…

Nicholas – who, remember – was the SECOND designer to choose -- picked Greece. Then, from the first moment, he complained he’d never been to Greece, so he was totally clueless. Michael Kors gigged him for going into Mood and choosing gray flannel menswear fabric. No kidding. His outfit was a terrible fitting pair of gray pants and a white blouse. Wow. He deserved to go home. As he struggled to sew the blouse, he said “I’ve never worked with jersey fabric before” – I found myself wondering, ‘HOW DID YOU GET HERE??”

Althea picked St. Tropez. And she made another hot pants outfit -- off white and shades of brown and beige. It was very lack-luster. YOU COULD DO ANYTHING, Althea - -and you make a pair of brown shorts? Where did you spend the $150 they gave you to shop for fabric?

Gordana got Park Avenue, New York City. Her dress was stunning and looked rich and very luxurious. I’m a big fan of statement necklaces – and she worked hard on this one. It was also detachable, which they should have given her big points for. Her gray dress with the silk outlines looked fabulous. I loved everything about it. And when the model started down the runway – the wrap also looked great. It would have been nice to see more of the wrap. I would have given Gordana the win. Well, sure, mostly because I can't stand Irina -- but this gray dress really was a show stopper. Gordana is a puzzle...last week, she had no game at all. Then -- this week -- she pulls this great, original outfit out of the hat!

Irina chose Aspen. She knew from the first moment what she wanted to do. Her ski pants were impeccable, and the faux fur vest was a show stopper. But the best part of the outfit was when the model took off the vest and there was a peek-a-boo back on the sweater. AWESOME -- and you know it's hard for me to admit -- but this girl is good. Irina definitely created an outfit based on the“inspiration” of her chosen location. But, let's face it. It was all brown. And Irina is mean as a snake. C'mon...I just cannot root for her...Besides, the sweater should have been a different color to break up the boring brown pallette. Maybe that's not a major criticism...I'm just sayin...

Christopher picked Santa Fe. He made a dreary gathered skirt (which WAS the color of sand). Then paired it with a boxy, chiffony, blue top. Wha?? Right before the runway show, he had an epiphany and shortened the skirt. Which probably saved him from certain elimination. No, what saved him was the great belt. No, what saved him was Nicholas sucked worse than he did this week. No, I'm back to the great belt...

Logan(last to pick) got stuck with Hollywood. He said he was inspired by YOUNG Hollywood – Lindsay Lohan and Mary Kay Olson. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was afraid he was going to paint dark circles under his model’s eyes and have her stumble down the runway in her underwear. Obviously, he should have gone with OLD HOLLYWOOD – and made an over-the-top dress for a movie premiere. Instead – he made skinny white jeans with a black top. Huh? His inspiration apparently came from a Hollywood Walmart.

I know why they gave Irina the win – but her outfit was too toneless and brown for me. I would have put Gordana on top this week. If for no other reason than to keep Irina’s ego from inflating to the point where nobody else can fit into the workroom.

The bottom two designers were Nicholas and Christopher. I thought the bottom two should have been Logan and Nicholas. When Heidi said that Christopher’s belt was the “only interesting thing” about his outfit – I thought THAT’S ONE THING MORE THAN LOGAN GAVE YOU. I don’t know – maybe I’m just fed up with Logan’s stupid head bag thingy…

After being auf’d -- Nicholas was packing up his stuff and he said he believes his style is “just too edgy” to break into fashion. Oh, yeah, that’s it. Gray pants and a white top. It’s WAY TOO OUT THERE FOR THE FASHION INDUSTRY. That’s your biggest problem, Nicholas. (yes, that is sarcasm...)

When Tim came into the room to tell Nicholas to pack his bags, he made at least two comments about what a GREAT DESIGNER Nicholas was. Really? Name one stand-out garment he did, Tim. The only way those comments make any sense to me is if Nicholas and Tim are dating...

Anyway. It's clear. The boys have got to go. Season Six is going to be an ALL GIRL FINALE. Irina, Gordana and Carol Hannah.


  1. Love your Project Runway recaps. I agree. The designers are boring this year. Can we please see some COLOR!

    If you didn't know, this show was filmed last year and has been on hold because of a dispute between Bravo and Lifetime.

  2. Leanne -- SO THAT'S THE PROBLEM! That explains why Heidi's pregnancy makes no sense at all! thanks fdor the comment, Leanne!!