Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project Runway Week #8 Recap

First of all -- I liked this challenge. For one thing -- I'm tired of the Project Runway "models" -- and I thought it would be fun for the designers to work with real women. And I loved the idea of remaking their wedding dresses...(even though some of them had been divorced for over ten years -- ???)

But I cannot remember when I have ever been so disappointed in a television show....well, maybe if I go way back to the 80's during the "who shot JR" time of my life...

THEY WERE ALL BORING. Where, exactly, would you wear one of these outfits to "start your new life"..??..as a group, they never get past drab....although several did go all the way to horrible...

Christopher delivered a bubble-wrap dress that no woman in America would wear -- not even on a bet. Epperson deserved to go home -- but I would have been fine with Logan hitting the road as well. He picked the wedding dress with the MOST fabric - -and then made a pair of horrible-fitting wool pants??

The judges loved, loved, loved Irina's boring brown dress...and the only reason they didn't give her a THIRD win was because her head would have become so big she wouldn't have been able to walk through a doorway next week.

But if you ask me, Gordana deserved the win. She ripped the fabric, and dyed it, and then reassembled it -- into an edgy dress that fit great and -- did you see that zipper in the back? Her attention to detail is impeccable and it was good to see her skills finally recognized.

But, really -- am I the only one who expected sooo much more?? They could spend $25 at Mood and buy up to 2 yards of fabric. Why didn't one of them try to add a surface treatment to the white fabric? Y'know -- strips of fabric -- ribbon -- yarn -- wouldn't that have been interesting?? C'mon, people -- BRING A LITTLE GAME HERE...

I dunno, Heidi...but this season so far is missing a whole lot of "fierce".

Say -- while I'm at it, Heidi -- on Episode #8, you don't look pregnant at all -- but since you actually DELIVERED your baby this weekend -- I'm wondering if the whole show isn't a big put-on? I mean -- clearly -- Fashion Week is long over...So -- when does the "Season 6" Finale take place? Is the whole thing a fake?

Have you already decided Irina is the winner? Lord knows -- that's what she believes...

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