Monday, October 5, 2009

Clean Car -- Buried Treasure!

I cleaned my car!! If you have been reading this blog for awhile now -- you may remember my confession about my messy only-room-for-one Taurus -- and my run-in with a local policeman. (August 14 post)
Taking that earlier photo of my jam-packed-backseat was an important step in my own personal twelve-step-program -- and that post got more comments than any post I've ever written. In this picture -- you can see this is a big improvement! There's almost nothing in the back seat. Well -- a carseat JUST IN CASE baby Lillian comes to visit me. And, a tacky stuffed parrott on the floor, because my friend Val is putting together a Halloween pirate outfit...

And -- in the very SMALL pile of treasure on the floor of the back seat -- I found this pair of pillowcases. What a nice surprise!! I have nooooo idea when or where I bought them. Oh, yes, I love my life...!!


  1. I have been watching Hoarders too and been cleaning up my act.


  2. Dear Pat,
    No kidding. It is a very depressing show...especially the "look into a mirror" aspect of the syndrome.