Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilt Market MEALS

OH, yes, trade shows are really hard work, people. Anybody who's ever worked one will attest to that. But, for me, it ends up being ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. (big surprise, eh?) Really. Because you have to pay $8 for a baked potato (loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese, chili AND bacon) -- of course you must EAT THE WHOLE THING.

This is such a GREAT picture of Deanna -- so, even though my eyes are closed and I look like a schmuck -- I'm using it anyway.

I loved the blue water glasses -- and can you believe it -- fish shaped plates?? You can see I nearly licked mine clean...I was so hungry it was embarrassing...

After enjoying a fun evening and a great meal -- I asked them to pose for ONE MORE PICTURE with my Hey Rita bag. As my friend Marion would say, "you can't have too many of those pictures, Rita..."

Thanks again, Rhonda, Nancy & Deanna for playing my Hey Rita Traveling Bag game...

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