Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuck Method to shorten things...

When it comes to utility sewing -- I am the master. I like to call it "common sense sewing". Y'know -- things like making the pockets in John's golf shorts DEEPER, adding a sheet extender to a vintage cotton sheet, making arm covers for my Lazy-boy...

These little knit pants were so adorable -- except they were an inch TOO LONG and she kept tripping on them. The bottom of the pants had a cute little ruffle...

THIS IS A FIVE MINUTE SEWING JOB. First -- just turn the bottom of the pants up -- right sides together...They needed to be one inch shorter -- using a basting stitch -- I just sewed a 1/2" seam all around.

BOOM. DONE. The best part about making a TUCK to bring up the pants (or shirt) length is that later on -- you can remove the basting stitch if the baby has a growth spurt...

You're probably saying DUH right about now -- but not everybody is as accomplished as you are...

I've been hemming my own pants with this "tuck method" for is especially effective if there is an embroidered trim on the bottom of the pants leg. The tuck actually creates a nice detail.


  1. Beckie in OnalaskaJuly 24, 2010 at 6:41 AM

    This works with sleeves, too!

  2. It works great for jeans - I know, they're pants - this allows you to keep the original hem at the bottom of them. Even if I used that gold jeans thread, my hem never looked right. I love this method!!

  3. I've been calling these growth tucks for Sarah. They work especially well as decoration on her dresses - can even put them on the outside sewn wrong sides together and do multiples. As she grows I just let them out. Aren't these fast little fixes so satisfying?!