Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonne's NYC Challenge Update

(Rita in Red) Here's the latest update from Bonne...I WAS SURPRISED AND FLATTERED BY WHAT SHE MADE...Now I'm eagerly waiting for Jan's pics...

Hey There!!!

I used the YA YA Sisters NY City Circle Wrap for my pattern. (On behalf of the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters -- I'd like to say THANKS!) I was concerned about distortion so I did all my embellishing before cutting it by the time I was able to cut it I got in a bit of hurry - just couldn't wait to see what it would like...remember the saying "measure twice and cut once"? LOL!!! Need I say more :-) But then I'm sure you've never done that :-) I ended up with arm slits instead of the elongated arm hole shape shone in the directions...wasn't terribly comfortable!

photo B1: I wanted to add a few flowers to the solid black that I used for the reverse. I did some bobbin work by echo stitching some of the simpler flowers found on the printed side. I used YLI Candlelight in the bobbin and played with my settings to get flowers with different effects.

photo B2: Of course I had to use a few hot fix crystals on both sides of the wrap to add a pop when the light hits it. In my stash I found the perfect trim to add some fun at the hem line.

photo B3: It doesn't show well in the pics, but I used glitter spray to create a few more flowers on the black. I traced one of the flowers on the printed fabric to create my own stencil.

I may have gotten the pictures mixed up -- hey -- MY JOB AIN'T THAT EASY..!

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  1. Dear Rita,

    I came home from the Puyallup Expo without any directions to make that wrap. I loved talking to you and Mary after the show that night and actually trying yours on! I just remember to use a complete circle of fabric, then put slits for armholes in it. Is there a pattern to show placement of the slits, or they actually rounded out a little??? Thanks!!

    Ann in Tacoma

    P.S. Soon after the Expo, I found a pristine blue Pendleton wool blanket from the Air Force Academy at Goodwill - it has its big insignia on it with the Pendleton tag inside. I'm planning to make this wrap with the logo on the inside!