Monday, July 12, 2010

NYC/Mood Challenge

This was the ACTUAL VIEW OUT OF MY HOTEL ROOM WINDOW during my April visit to New York City!!

I did some shopping at MOOD Fabrics -- for fabric AND MOOD t-shirts. I also did some shopping ON THE STREET...then I packed up two of the biggest "flat rate BOXES" the Post Office has...and sent them off to Oregon...along with the CHALLENGE...

Last Monday, the challenge BEGAN. This is the first email I received from Bonne...

Dear Rita,

Okay so this is how I see it in my mind...LOL!!!
Cue music: theme to Mission Impossible
Cue Rita Farro Voice over: here is your mission (challenge) should you choose to accept it....

WHO ARE WE KIDDING!!!! It's fabric...of course we'll do it

Challenge #1: create something from the beautiful floral knit fabric
Challenge #2: create something from the Statue of Liberty wrap

I know Rita said "be afraid" as the boxes were in Jan, dear friend, I noticed you haven't selected a deadline from any I've suggested...are you afraid...LOL!!!! If truth be told.... I'll have to admit, after reading Rita's warning, I was almost afraid to open the box...LOL!!! Bonne

Here's a picture of Bonne's box of goodies...

Jan replied: The 8th will be fine for me, the fearless!! This challenge is really a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!! Get it?!! ha ha ha!! Here's a picture of Jan's box of goodies:


Here's the way this thing is gonna work -- every Monday -- I'll post an update on this blog -- and Jan and Bonne are going to send me in-progress photos and/or emails that will give us CLUES as to what they're doing!! (I'll post their pictures tomorrow)

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