Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midwest Writing Center

According to Martha Stewart, you should learn "one new thing" every day. I couldn't agree more.
15 years ago I went to my first writers conference in New York. My local group -- the Midwest Writing Center -- has programs throughout the year and an intense 3-day workshop every summer...

Eric Butterman came from Dallas, Texas to teach a class about making a living as a freelance writer...he was chock full of information and real-life examples.

In one class, I was sitting behind Julie, Joel and Cindy. You can just barely see the Hey Rita tote laying on the back table...This was the 8:30 AM class. The workshop was at St. Ambrose University --and I was there until 9:00 PM EVERY NIGHT...

The 8:30 teacher was Dr. Roald Tweet -- and I insisted we have our picture taken. In the last ten years or so -- I've attended his "Non-Fiction" class four different times -- and I learn something new every single time.
It's funny -- but I feel a lot of pressure trying to WRITE about Dr. Tweet. So I'm just going to do what he told me to do. Observe what's there and tell the truth.

Dr. Tweet is the best teacher I ever had. Because when he teaches, it's not about him. His goal is to make you think...and to tell your own story.

He is one of those rare individuals who has no idea how good he is....and I will continue to take every class he teaches every time I get the chance.

The shirt I'm wearing says it best, "How Can You Go Wrong If You Write?"

And -- hey -- because of this goofy blog of mine -- I get to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

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