Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kick It Up A Stitch

Hey -- Mary Mulari sent me the link to this little promo about the "Kick It Up A Stitch" show she did with Nancy Zieman. Remember, ladies -- YOU SAW THEM IN PERSON at the 2009 Sewing & Stitchery EXPO. The exciting news is that Wisconsin Public Television taped their show -- and it is being used as a fundraiser this Saturday in the State of Wiscconsin. So -- if you live in WISCONSIN -- you can watch the whole show. Apparently, it will be used in other parts of the country later on...

AND -- don't forget -- Nancy Zieman is coming back to Expo for I'll keep you posted about her all-new-just-for-the-2011-Sewing-and-Stitchery-Expo..!!

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  1. Gosh.... I wish we had Nancy's show here in Australia!