Friday, July 23, 2010

New York City SUBWAY Musicians

My friend Jeff is on this little video introducing an underground band. There is a LOT of music in the subways. Singers, musicians, bands -- they are AMAZING. This group was even selling their own CD's.

I'm sure you're tired of my New York reports...but I took SO MANY GOOD PICTURES AND's hard for me to stop posting them!!

During this quick trip to New York City -- I went to a "Learning Annex" class about BLOGGING. (I simply cannot make up this stuff)...and one of the other students is writing a book about the musicians who perform in New York City subways.

I had NOOOOO idea that they actually have to "audition" to be a sanctioned performer. Really!! I love hearing the music when I'm down in the subway. For me, it's what New York City is all about. People doing the thing they are DRIVEN to do. Artists, dancers, singers, musicians...


Next time you go there -- use the subways. And be sure to generously tip the musicians...

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