Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zentangle Purse

After years of hit and miss...purses I loved, purses I hated...I have developed an actual PURSE CRITERIA:

Any new purse must have these four essential elements:
  1. Lightweight: (Made of fabric, leather is too heavy)
  2. Cross-body strap
  3. Lining cannot be black
  4. Two outside pockets (one for cellphone, one for keys)

I can't stand this kind of shoulder carry...and this purse would be heavy to begin with, and I'll bet it has a black lining.
Here's another example of a purse that "Will Not Work For Rita"...with this kind of carry --my left hand is not free...
My current purse is perfect. It's made out of canvas, weighs almost nothing, and has outside pockets.
Of course, it didn't look this way when I bought it.  I cut the short handle, then added the black cross-body strap...
To coordinate with the flashy new strap -- I decided to use a Sharpie to do a little zentangle-ing...
THREE pockets?  Such luxury...
Inside the main key pocket flap...
I zentangled the bottom, too...
Perfect, really.  Lightweight, crossbody, not too deep...I can find everything.

1 comment:

  1. How fabulous! Never, ever would I have thought to decorate my purse. But now I am looking for a Sharpie! ;)