Monday, June 22, 2015

Laundry Room Remodel

I blog almost every day, and writing this blog reminds me how much my life adheres to the old fashioned embroidered Seven-Days-A-Week-dishtowels. Hey -- that's not a bad thing!

And, yes, Monday is always, always LAUNDRY DAY. The weather has been stunning here. Cool and breezy. PERFECT weather for hanging sheets out on the line.
Although, for me, hanging sheets out on the line can be more about the WEATHER. Last weekend was so beautiful, I washed three sets of sheets.
Rhonda Pierce told me she has never seen a picture of my FINISHED LAUNDRY ROOM project. How is that possible?  I thought I blogged about that project way too much...I was afraid people would be bored with my laundry room redo...
But, when I looked back, I did post a picture of THIS finished washing machine front. John told me it looked like a giant snake...and that ruined it for me. So I changed it to look like THIS:
And, every now and then, I make additional changes...or give it another coat of paint (it's impossible to find a yellow paint that will cover with one coat)
And, apparently, I never posted a picture of the FINISHED dryer zentangle project...
So -- next Monday -- that is my goal!! You'll get to see the FINISHED LAUNDRY ROOM REMODEL. Including my zebra shower curtain wall, and the zebra area rug. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER...
Thanks, Julie!!

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