Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Soapbox

It's been six months since I unplugged from my smartphone. As it turns out, that was just the beginning.

As you know -- I SERIOUSLY OBJECT TO THE BEHAVIOR of people constantly being on their cellphones when REAL PEOPLE ARE IN THE ROOM.

Our smartphone behavior is so rude and hurtful -- it is damaging relationships, families and friendships.  We are spending so much time and energy with our FAKE friends, there's no energy left for the real people in our lives.

Every family I know is struggling with this issue.  At Christmas, instead of sitting around the table playing cards or a board game -- teenagers go to their separate chairs and start playing online games.  The young Mom's are so busy taking Instagram pictures of the food they made, it's cold before the family gets to eat it... 

Hey -- I GET IT.  It is easy to get addicted to the worthless, superficial garbage on cellphones.  They spend billions of dollars to make the games and social media seductive and entertaining.  Sometimes, it's hard for real life to compete with all that.  Especially the children.  How can they compete?  I do so pity the children...because they've never known a different life. 

The young mothers in McDonald's don't even look up from their fake Facebook/cellphone lives to see what their toddlers are doing on the play equipment. In a ballpark the other night -- every young parent had their cellphone OUT.  Instead of watching the game, to see what their kids were doing...

In restaurants, soccer games, libraries, concerts, fishing off the lock and dam -- DRIVING IN CARS...THE CELLPHONES ARE UBIQUITOUS..

The cost of this pointless time-wasting addiction is huge.  And I'm not talking about the money...

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  1. that's why i never get on the internet on my phone