Friday, June 19, 2015

Rock Creek Marina

I've talked about this place before. Rock Creek Marina, Camanche, Iowa.  But it is exciting to have something this wonderful SO CLOSE TO MY HOUSE (6 minutes).

I never knew about it. Really...discovering it last winter (when the leaves were all of the trees) was quite a shock.

The first week in June, they ran a Critter's Camp for 6-8 year old children. And LILLY LOVED IT...

Here are some pictures I took in April (before the trees were green)...
This is the front of the new building (taken from the dock)
Side entrance -- you can see it sits right on the River
8000 gallon aquarium inside.
Several rooms full of live animals and taxidermy friends...
In the early spring, they were just putting the docks out...
Memphis, Lillian and a friend
They have these adorable little cabins people can rent.
This week, I've got us signed up for a Eco-Tourism boat ride. I AM SO EXCITED..!!

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