Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ross Farro -- Honest Work

During Pat's visit last week, we had a conversation about CONVENIENCE STORES. My friend Eileen is from the Jersey Shore, and they love their WaWa stores. Here in Iowa, we are addicted to our Casey's...and my Wisconsin friends who are loyal to their Kwik Stars.

All that talk reminded me of this video, which takes place in a convenience store.  I've posted it before, but it always makes me laugh out loud.  Mostly because of the way JOHN is depicted...

After college, our son Ross worked for 15 years as a cameraman. First in television news, then for a wildlife documentary outfit.

At that time, his hobby was making films with his friends.

Since he moved home to attend nursing school, Ross doesn't have time for hobbies...which is really too bad...

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