Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Last Schoolhouse of the Day...

So, on Schoolhouse Day, at the 6:00 PM time slot, there were over 1000 people crowding into a double ballroom.

Do you think it's a quilting celebrity? Did the cast of Downton Abbey come to town? Is Magic Mike putting on a show?

Can you guess what all the excitement is about??
Have you ever heard of the "Row by Row Experience"??
A whole new Shop Hop experience -- with custom license plates...??
Janet Lutz started Row by Row with a few shops in New York. In 2015, every state is represented (they all have their own Facebook pages) -- and there are 2600 participating quilt shops across America..!! NO KIDDING
Janet Lutz, the creator of the Row by Row Experience. And Debra Gabel, designer of the Custom Shop Plates...
Guess what?  Inspired To Sew wrote about Row by Row...yes, that rhymes and I'm fine with it.
After writing about this quilting phenomenon -- it was exciting to meet both Janet and Debra in person.

NEVER underestimate the power of a woman with a good idea. 

To find out more -- and HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE -- go directly to the website:


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