Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michael Miller Fabrics

I try to take lots of pictures during the set-up day of a show, because generally I DON'T HAVE A CHANCE later on. At Quilt Market, that means I must see how they assemble the Michael Miller booth.

Designer Kathy Miller was working hard that day -- but gave me permission to take some photographs of their FABULOUS BOOTH. It must be a lot of pressure for them to go to Quilt Market, because they have to out do their LAST show...

They bring in TRUCKS loaded with all kinds of walls, furniture, floors, everything covered in their beautiful FABRIC, of takes hours to build and assemble and decorate...

They used white flocked trees at this market -- they were everywhere!

And, no surprise -- THEY WON FIRST PLACE in the booth contest for multi-booth exhibitors.

Be sure to visit their website: Michael Miller Fabrics where you can see their FABULOUS NEW LINE of fabrics. If you're an Expo fans -- you can go to Pacific Fabrics to take a look!

Michael Miller Fabrics focuses on doing business with INDEPENDENT fabric stores and quilt shops. A philosophy I admire....

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael Miller Fabrics!! Trust me -- you will be INSPIRED to sew something!! (I recently bought enough zebra to make some napkins for the porch -- but it ended up in Lillian's window valances instead...gotta go shopping AGAIN!!)


  1. Hey Rita! So I noticed you're not getting comments on a lot of your posts. So, I'm just commenting to let you know that at least someone is reading your blog :-)
    Laura in Puyallup

    PS Michael Miller's booth is gorgeous. Reminds of the good ol' days when I worked for Fabricland and we set up our huge booth at Expo.

  2. THANKS, Laura. My readers do NOT like to post comments on the blog...they're a shy group, eh? But the good news is they often email me directly...and I always love that.