Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Minnesota Road Trip

Mostly, because I know it will REALLY ANNOY HIM -- I've decided to post the two pictures I have of me and Ross during my visit to Baxter, we are, visiting his friends...(there's a brand new baby in that house!)

I only stayed one night -- the next morning, we went out for can clearly see how delighted he was when I asked the waitress to take this picture...

Then, I got in my little rental car and DROVE FOR 3 1/2 hours to Mary Mulari's house. Minnesota is lovely. Lots of trees and lakes. The whole morning looked like this....mile after mile of houses, no farms, no animals. NO OTHER CARS, NO GAS STATIONS, NO BATHROOMS...(83 miles with NOT A SINGLE BATHROOM...really??)

So -- please try to imagine how shocked I was when this sign popped up for no apparent reason....

WHA??? It made no sense. Driving 60 mph, I thought I dreamed I hit the brakes and DID A U-TURN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I drove back to take this picture. Otherwise, there was no way you would believe me.


Anybody have a clue??...I just cannot figure it out...

In the middle of a thousand miles of forests and lakes...a yellow road sign with a black cow??

Is it a "cow wanted" poster??

Like -- "Have you seen one of these?"

Maybe -- "Hey Wisconsin -- can you spare a cow?"

You've gotta love a highway department with a sense of humor...

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