Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chad Pregracke

The other night, I attended a screening party at the grand old Capitol Theater in downtown Davenport, Iowa. The documentary was called "River Warriors" -- premiering on the Discovery Channel.

Chad Pregracke wrote the book...From The Bottom Up...

In 1997, Chad Pregracke was a teenage boy who got some local publicity when he decided to clean up the Mississippi River. Now -- he runs a non-profit organization, with an office staff, barges, cranes, a crew and a $600,000 a year budget -- Living Lands and Waters.

The Discovery Channel made a documentary about Chad's efforts -- and it was AMAZING. A thousand people came to the Capitol Theater for this special screening -- featuring our young local hero. Everybody in that room, like me, was bursting with pride at what this kid has accomplished. The whole room exploded with cheers every time Chad and his crew pulled a rusting old car up and out of the Mississippi mud...filling barge after barge with thousands of tons of garbage and rusting trash....

If you live anywhere near the Mississippi river -- please note that next Saturday -- June 19 -- Living Lands & Waters (LL&W) is hosting the first-ever simultaneous one-day cleanup of the Upper Mississippi River from St. Paul, MN to St. Louis, MO. The Great Mississippi River Cleanup will recruit approximately 800-1000 community volunteers from an estimated 20-30 cities in 5 states along the river to remove debris from the floodplains and wetlands bordering the Upper Mississippi River. For information about how you can help -- go to the website: Living Lands and Waters

When is the The Great Mississippi River Cleanup?
Saturday, June 19, 2010, from 9:00am-1:00p

Sitting in the Capitol Theater, watching the screening of River Warriors, I'm wondering about Chad's parents. I mean -- who are they? How did they raise up a child who thinks he can actually clean up the Mississippi River...

I'm trying to remember a great quote I saw on a mug once..."Imagine what you could do if nobody told you it was impossible"..

Hey -- I was proud to just be in the same building with Chad Pregracke. He is the real deal. And he's making a difference...

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