Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Is Not A Dress Size

On June 8, 2006, I got on John's little Weslo treadmill. I told myself I could walk for 3 minutes...but it damn near killed me. I weighed 325 pounds at that moment...and 3 minutes of walking made me sweat like a pig, I promptly collapsed in front of a fan and drank a large glass of cold water to recover...

The good news is -- IT DIDN'T KILL ME...But the bad news was that 325 pounds DID KILL John's cheapo treadmill...lol... The darn thing kept STOPPING....so, after a couple frustrating weeks and a lot of research, I invested in a new Horizon treadmill (Model T-82). And, it changed my life...heavy duty airshocks, adjustable incline, comfortable handlebars, even a FAN. Like so many things -- I bought it off Amazon.com because of the FREE DELIVERY.

Three years later -- by June 2009, I'd lost 100 pounds...

This is the inspirational verse hanging in front of my treadmill...when I read these words I remember why I'm trying to work up a sweat...

But what REALLY KEEPS ME ON THE BORING TREADMILL is listening to books-on-tape. James Patterson, Bill Bryson, Pat Conroy, Garrison Keeler, Jeffery Deaver, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, history, fiction, mystery...I have listened to hundreds of books in the last four years...

And I eventually worked my way up to 3 MILES. Because I take frequent "breaks" (to do a load of laundry, hang out some sheets, sew up a hem, etc) it takes me over an hour but I DO WORK UP A SWEAT. Here's what I look like after 3 miles....

Oh, yeah, people -- IT AIN'T PRETTY..!!

It's been FOUR YEARS SINCE THAT FIRST 3-minute walk and I've never felt better. I have great energy. I can walk 7 miles a day in New York City, up and down subway stairs -- or hike all day through a 30-acre field full of antiques and collectibles without looking for a bench.

But here's the thing. I NEVER talk about losing weight. Remember -- I'm the girl who wrote "Life Is Not a Dress Size". AND THAT IS MY LIFE MOTTO. Every single day, I want my life to be about something more interesting than how much I weigh. It is BORING, BORING, BORING to listen to somebody drone about how much they ate, how long they exercised that day, or how many carbs are in a banana. Whenever I get trapped in one of those conversations, I am screaming inside, 'NOBODY CARES!!!"

So why am I writing this post? Because -- this spring with all the travel and luxurious eating, I've gained 10 pounds and I haven't been on the treadmill for weeks...so this is my official GET BACK IN THE GROOVE letter to myself.



  1. Do you know how many calories there are in a ... just kidding. Thanks for the pep talk. We have a nice treadmill in the basement and I'm feeling sluggish today, so it's probably just what I need to do. Ours is in front of a TV - I pop in Pride and Predjudice and enjoy a little walking.


  2. I agree with so many things you are saying in this post! I just want to stab a fork in my neck when the conversation turns to the cal/carb/fat facts. I was also very inspired many years ago when I heard you speak at Expo about Life is Not a Dress Size. I really enjoyed my 20th high school reunion because of it. AND I listen to so many books while I sewing. So altho it may bore you, I want to say, Congratulations on your accomplishment and keep up the good work.

  3. It took me a little while to work out you were the same Rita that wrote Life is not a Dress Size. I have that book and love it. Thank you Rita for that book, for that inspiration and for everything. :) I have lost 18kg (39.6lb) since Jan 2009 and am looking forward to Puyallup in 2011!

  4. Nobody gets bored hearing "atta girl"...thanks for reading this blog and taking the time to write. Comments are always a thrill...