Friday, June 4, 2010

Lillian's New Room

Okay -- I'm a little confused about where I left off in the GREAT ROOM REMODEL...
To review -- I started clearing out the little bedroom formerly known as the "office" -- to turn it into a suitable room for Lillian Claire when she comes to visit. WHICH, HOPEFULLY, WILL BE VERY OFTEN...

Of course, part of the fun is to SHOP for the perfect accessories. The baby needs a nightlight, right? How about a vintage 70's cassette tape player that looks like the back of a 1963 Pink Cadillac? When the taillights come on, it's a GREAT night light..

Remember the wall with the starched fabric treatment? That's right..this is Lillian's new room. I showed you the starch process...and then, because it makes me smile, I cut some mottos from t-shirts and also starched THEM over the fabric wall.

Then, I hung some fabric dolls on the wall...remember this doll? It is one of my favorites. From the doll artist, Jan Byron.

The words say, "Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes, even I have trouble doing it."

I AM LOVING IT!! The next step will be window treatments. I bought two plain white roller shades and I'm thinking I should paint them with zebra stripes. Then, of course -- it'll be on to t-shirt FRINGE VALANCES...

I can hardly wait for Lillian to see the finished room!!

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