Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who Bought What?

During the "shop & dine with the Ya Ya Sisters Beaver Dam Goodwill event -- I ended up buying LOTS OF GREAT TREASURE. I was greatly encouraged by the GROUP to buy this lovely silk jacket...which I intended to embellish or alter...but, at the end of the day, the jacket breaks my "TB RULE". (too brown)...

I never, never, never wear anything brown. Or blue (same rule, when you think about it)...so we'll see if this jacket actually makes it into my wardrobe rotation...

In the next picture, Betty Cotton is LOADING UP on fabric in the Nancy's Notions retail store. There were such incredible bargains -- EVEN THE TEACHERS WERE SHOPPING LIKE CRAZY.

My favorite Betty Cotton story is when she talks about naming her daughters...."Polly & Ester"...get it??

Gheesh...she cracks me up...

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  1. YOu know how fabulous you look! Jackie