Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

When I go to Puyallup -- I stay with Joanne & Ron Ross. Their house has a stunning view of the Tacoma Narrows bridge...

During my May visit, there was an event and hundreds of Girl Scouts were walking across the bridge. I've gotta say -- it had NEVER ONCE occurred to me that anybody could "walk" across this long, beautiful bridge...

But I HAD TO DO IT...When I got there, Darlene was the official "crossing guard" -- and she RECOGNIZED THE HEY RITA TOTE!! I WAS SOO DELIGHTED...

As I cheerfully began my trek -- I realized this bridge is ONE LONG SUCKER...and it's late in the day, so there are only a few Girl Scouts...WHAT WAS I THINKING??

It took me about an hour -- maybe longer. Halfway across, my friend Bonnie called and when I told her (quite proudly) what I was doing, she said, "That bridge is MOST famous for falling down, y'know"

My spur-of-the-moment bridge walk made an AMAZING MEMORY. It was a stunning day, and I took lots of great pictures with my brand new camera. I told Darlene to look for herself on this blog...
Every minute I was on that bridge, I kept thinking the same thing....a coupla years ago, I would never have been able to do it.

Maybe I'll make the bridge walk an annual event, eh?? Next year -- YOU CAN JOIN ME!!


  1. Think of how many of us who live here and have never walked the bridge :-)
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. I walked the bridge once years ago and I'd love to do it again with you! I live about 15 minutes from the other end of the Narrows bridge.

  3. YOU ARE ON, BECKYMC!! Is that 15 minutes a walk or a 60 mph car ride? Maybe I'll WALK TO YOUR HOUSE...

  4. I'll join you, too. I think you're on to something - either at the Puyallup Expo or some other time - blog when it's Walk the Bridge time and you won't be alone doing it!