Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Learning Annex Class

Tonight, I'll be attending a "Learning Annex" class about -- guess what? BLOGGING...
While I'm in the city, I'll take lots of pictures of inspirational fashions and this shot from my trip last December.

AND I'll probably have to take Ann Sagawa and my friend Jeff up to Tom's restaurant at 112th & Broadway. Do you recognize it?

That's right! It's the restaurant from Seinfeld!! And the food is so reasonably priced, it's unbelievable. I send EVERYBODY there...

This is our last full day in the city. I promise to take LOTS OF PICTURES. Ann & I will be meeting with Kenneth King this morning...and we are hoping to hit Mood Fabrics at some point...but there is soooo little time...


  1. I've taped the TODAY Show on Monday and Wednesday but haven't seen you or the "Hey Rita" bag yet! If you talked with Al on Monday, it might have been off camera......hmmmm?!?!?!

  2. DID YOU SEE ME ON THURSDAY?? I have a picture of Meredith HOLDING THE HEY RITA kidding. I was sooo delighted!!