Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greenstock LUNCH

Our Greenstock day was an ALL DAY adventure -- and, of course, we had to take a break for lunch. Instead of the usual fast food kid spots, I opted for one of my favorite places -- the Family Square restaurant. It's owned by a Greek family...Garrett and Cale were perfect little gentlemen as we waited patiently for our made-to-order food...

Yes, that's my cup of coffee in front of the boys. I think they'll always remember when Aunt Rita let them "drink coffee" for the first time...(relax, Amy -- they each had one teaspoon!!)

I wanted to see the look on their faces when the waitress brought our special appetizer -- SAGANAKI --fried cheese that she has to LIGHT UP. The big flame doesn't show up in this picture...but it was quite a surprise!

Everything about this day was special. At one point, Cale said to Garrett, "Just wait until we tell Mom we had PANCAKES for lunch!"

Isn't that awesome?? Think of everything families do to "make memories" for children...they spend millions of dollars planning vacations to DisneyWorld...they borrow money to buy extravagant toys...

And maybe -- just maybe -- all they had to do was let them eat breakfast food for lunch...

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