Thursday, April 22, 2010

My question for Vicki Gunvalson

It was a large the Wild Rose Casino -- more than 300 women came to see Vicki Gunvalson speak...

After Vicki's presentation...she asked the audience if we had any questions...remember? I was DYING TO ASK A QUESTION...

I stood up and said that Vicki & Don were my favorite couple on the show -- which is SO TRUE. (Mostly because they both have REAL JOBS AND A work ethic.) But my burning question was about one of her cast-mates -- ALEXA.

Alexa is the new housewife. She is beyond shallow -- she's a self-centered, botox-poking-fake-boob-fake-everything-with-two-kids-and-three-nannies very vain woman. Her husband Jim puts her on a private jet to go to lunch -- their lifestyle is almost as phoney as it is excessive...and MAYBE THAT'S WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW??

So here's how my question went:

Rita: What does Alexa's husband do for a living?
Vicki: We don't know!
Rita: What do you mean?
Vicki: Everytime somebody asks that -- we're told he's "an entrepreneur".

The whole room laughed....then Vicki said, "What would that mean here in Iowa? HE'S AN ENREPRENEUR..?"

Rita: Here in Iowa? That's entrepreneur is somebody who is selling meth out of their trailer...

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