Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liquid Starch + Fabric = ART WALL

Guess what? That old-fashioned technique of using liquid-fabric-starch-to-put-fabric-on-a-wall REALLY WORKS..!!

Here are a few tips:
  • It's messy -- put down a plastic dropcloth.
  • I used a paint tray to hold the liquid starch.
  • My favorite tool was a small foam roller to get out the bubbles.
  • Roll from the center of the piece out to the edges to remove all bubbles. (if you miss any -- you just poke the dry bubble with a pin and restarch the area)
  • Once the fabric is completely soaked in the starch -- it can be difficult to tell which side is the "right side" -- so have a system. I laid the fabric in the starch, always with the wrong side down, then I folded it onto the WRONG side was always on the outside of the roll of fabric.
  • If you're working with very large pieces -- the weight of the wet fabric can be a problem. Use tacks to hold the fabric in place...they can easily be removed when the fabric is dry.

I LOVED the smell of the starch...and it's such an easy cleanup. Just rinse with water.



I cannot remember when I've had more fun doing an art project...and it felt sooo good to actually find a use for my extensive FABRIC STASH.

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Soak your fabric in the liquid starch.
2. Smooth it onto the wall.
3. Using a foam brush (or roller), or just your hand, gently squeeze out all air bubbles. Here's the beginning of my wall.

At this point, I'm really building some confidence...

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FINISHED WALL!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH...after I did the initial LAYER OF FABRIC -- I realized you can LAYER one fabric on top of another with the starch...WHO KNEW?? So, of course, when the whole wall was finished -- I starched some embroidery designs and t-shirt slogans -- to tone it all down..

And the great thing is -- you don't damage the fabric OR THE WALL in any way. When you get tired of it -- you just roll some water on to soften the starch -- and the fabric peels right off. Wash the wall -- and voila -- it's like it never happened!

I'm still putting the room ALL TOGETHER -- and it is sooo awesome, I may have to post a video of it. (which is always kinda painful for me -- but this may be worth it!)


  1. Were you not wearing some of that fabric in Puyallup?