Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kelcy & Mason

Cloth BABY DIAPERS are back!! And -- would you believe -- they can cost $18 EACH??

I have TWO nieces who are doing the CLOTH DIAPER thing. Kelcy lives in Ames, Iowa and Marci is in Pittsburgh. They both SWEAR by cloth diapers.

Would you believe these new cloth diapers can cost $18 apiece??

Mason LOVES his cloth his first six months, his Mom has taken at least half a million pictures of him...

I haven't tried it yet -- but if some of you want to try to SEW diapers -- and this is an excellent website, with very complete directions: sewing cloth diapers

Kelcy is a wonderful photographer -- and her pictures of Mason have been PRECIOUS. She submitted one of them to a special website -- where people can go "VOTE" -- and the winner will be on the cover of the next Parents magazine.

the LINK changes every day -- so Kelcy -- PLEASE GO TO KELCY'S BLOG TO GET THE right hyperlink. it changes every day -- and we've moved him up from #7300 to #297...



  1. Rita,

    Are you sure that link takes us to Mason's picture? The baby in the link doesn't look like the baby on the floor in your picture, but maybe I'm wrong. I just wanted to check before voting. :)

  2. Hey Carol and readers... Here is the link: There are only two days left to vote so make sure to vote today and tomorrow on every computer you have :) Thank you Aunt Rita for posting this!!!!