Monday, April 19, 2010

My House Is On American Pickers

Okay...if you have "On Demand" with your cable company -- and you know how to use it (I learned two days ago) -- you can SEE MY HOUSE.

On Episode #12 of American Pickers -- two minutes into the show -- Mike & Frank are driving to Wisconsin. They are actually on Hwy #67 just outside Princeton, Iowa.

As they come around a big curve -- YOU CAN SEE OUR HOUSE.

I watched this episode and never noticed it. It goes by in a very brief FLASH...

But when my son Ross watched the show -- he saw our house RIGHT AWAY.

So I'm telling everybody to watch the first 2 minutes of episodes #12 of American Pickers so you can SEE MY HOUSE.

After watching it -- my son Elliott called and said, "how smart are those guys? They're driving PAST MOM'S HOUSE to go to Wisconsin looking for junk?

Very funny, son...

P.S. The liquid starch fabric wall is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have to take pictures so I can post it. It's funny now how EVERYTHING I DO is a candidate for a blog post. I can't remember when I have been sooo pleased with a project. It has a few surprises...I'm thinking I need to do a video...hummm...

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