Sunday, April 25, 2010


My niece Kelcy is trying to get her baby -- Mason -- on the cover of Parent's magazine. It's easy to vote -- she posts a new link every day. Click on this for Kelcy's Family Blog

Once again, I'll be flying into Laguardia's what it looked like LAST December...

Of course, the BIGGEST PROBLEM nowadays is what BAG to pack. Ugh...Last year, I paid $645 in BAGGAGE FEES. Wow. Don't even get me's MAKING ME CRAZY...I'd like to seriously try it with just a carry-on....I'll only be in the city for four days....but, I mean -- really? You can imagine how much space my old lady panties take up...I don't think it's possible...

I always have to change planes...this time, in Chicaago. Here's a random shot of O'Hare Airport at Christmas.

I'm getting in about Noon. And Ann Sagawa is arriving at 3:00 -- at a different airport. We'll be hooking up with our friend Ryliss Bod from Bates Technical College. She's the LUCKY ONE...she actually gets to take classes at the Fashion Institute!!

Remember -- check out the TODAY SHOW MONDAY MORNING...!! I am determined to get the HEY RITA TOTE on the Today show...

I WILL BE THERE MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY...until somebody walks over and says, "where did you get that great bag?"

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