Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lilly's Nine Gifts

This is my last official post about Lilly's Golden Birthday.

First of all, I have to tell you THIS PART. I am the worst gift-giver EVER. Seriously. I'm just no good at it. My boys still talk about the lame gifts I gave them as children. The year Ross was 9 , I gave him a brown parka from Sears. (coincidentally, that was the year he quit believing in Santa Claus).

When Elliott was 16, I gave him a rolling duffel...which he didn't like...but then, I gave him the same thing a year later. Another rolling duffel...which he still didn't like...

And I will NEVER forget the year I sewed an entire ensemble for Lilly, her mother and her dog Sophie.   After many hours of sewing and design work (it even had a little suitcase that matched), Lilly (age 3) said, "Nice Try, Grandma."

That response pretty much set the tone for the Grandma-gift-giving portion of our lives. To make my point -- here are a few pictures from my earlier attempts....

What has changed, BIGTIME -- is not my ability to choose a better gift (I still suck at that) -- but Lilly's ability (and willingness) to FAKE A RESPONSE.

FINALLY!! We're making some progress....


  1. The slight view I can see of Warren's opinion is quite telling.....lol
    My sister-in-laws and I finally started dropping extremely broad hints on what we would like, as our MIL (whom we love) would find the oddest expensive things for us. And we could never figure out where they came from so we could exchange. Got a complete Christmas dishes set and all new pots and pans that way :-)

  2. Years ago, my mother gave me a very large "make-up set", complete with blue glitter eyeshadow. When I looked puzzled, she said, "I wanted to get you something I knew you wouldn't get for yourself, honey." Mission accomplished, Mom...